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What size image should I use for my event?

On your event page, the header image for your event is cropped to fit a box that has an aspect ratio 2.7:1 (for example, 2700 pixels wide by 1000 pixels tall).

The maximum file size we support is 10mb and we recommend the image is ideally up to 3000px wide/high in order that it won’t be pixilated on larger screens.

When you upload your header image, there is a cropping feature. The lighter section is what customers will see. You can move your image around and zoom in and out to capture the best section.

When your event image is shown on the What's On page, it will be a different shape depending on the screen size the page is being viewed on. For example it will be wider on a mobile than on a laptop. Part of your image will therefore be cut off depending on the user’s screen. Therefore, we recommend that the focus of your image be in the centre and where possible, we recommend you don’t include text unless it is right in the middle.