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How can I add other members to my organisation so they can manage events too?

You can add as many members to your organisation as you'd like, other members can create and edit events, make and amend sales through the box office and generally administer events for that organisation in the same way you can.

However, members cannot change your organisations bank details, or add other members themselves

In order to add another member, simply click 'Manage members' for the organisation you'd like to have other people join

screenshot of dashboard

You'll then be able to see the interface where you can see, add and remove other members from this organisation, currently I'm the only member (and can't be removed)

screenshot of managing members

To add Emily, all I have to do is type her email address in and click 'Add member'

screenshot of adding someone to the organisation

If she doesn't already have a Tickets Ignite account, she will then get an invitation to create an account and join the organisation

Otherwise, she'll get an email telling her that she has been added to the organisation and the next time she visits her dashboard she'll see all my events

screenshot of when a member has been added and their invitation is pending

Once she has accepted the invitation (or if she already has an account) you'll see that she has now joined

You can remove users by clicking the 'Remove' button

screenshot of when a member has joined

Other members will be able to see who else is a member from their dashboard but cannot add or remove other members, this is what Emily's 'Manage members' page looks like

screenshot of what manage members looks like for member