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How do I change which performance a booking is for, make a refund or change the name a booking is under?

You can do this really easily from your box office, first head to your box office, find the booking you’d like to change and click 'Edit'

finding a booking at the box office

You'll be shown a popup window with all the information about the booking. Alongside changing the performance, you can also make refunds and change the name of the booking here

all the information about a booking at the box office

To change the performance, just click 'change date' and you'll be shown a dropdown of all the perfomances in the future

choosing the date for a booking at the box office

When you've chosen the date, just click 'Save' and if there is sufficient capacity the booking will be moved to the new performance. If there isn't sufficient capacity you'll be shown a notification saying so

The customer will not automatically recieve an email with their updated tickets, to do so, just click 'Download printable ticket' and you can send it to them

downloading some tickets from the box office