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How do I set up iZettle to take contactless payments at the Box Office

Firstly, you need to purchase an iZettle card reader and send an email address you'd like to be attached to your iZettle account to us at [email protected] Please note this email address cannot already be attached to an iZettle account

You'll then get an invitation to iZettle to sign up with that email address. You can use any password you like, it doesn't have to the same as your Tickets Ignite account (indeed, for security reasons, we'd suggest it should be different!)

If you're using a brand new iZettle reader for the first time, you will need to download their app, and follow their instructions to set it up (instructions here).

Then, download our iOS app

Head to your box office and when you're taking payment for a sale, you'll be shown an option to pay with iZettle

screenshot of taking an izettle payment

If you click on the iZettle card button, you'll be asked how much the customer would like to pay with their card. If customers want to split the cost of their tickets over two payments, simply click 'Custom amount' to choose how much they'd like to pay (you'll be given a chance to enter the amount for the next customer after this payment is taken)

screenshot of taking an izettle payment

The first time you use iZettle you'll need to login with the password you created when you made your iZettle account, this can be different to the password you use for your Tickets Ignite account

screenshot of taking an izettle payment

Then, if your iZettle card reader is paired via Bluetooth, you'll be able to use Contactless, Chip and Pin or Apple Pay to take the payment

screenshot of taking an izettle payment