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Can I take chip and pin payments?

Yes! Through our iOS app, which is fully integrated with iZettle, whose reader can be purchased as a one off payment of £59 and it can take chip and pin, contactless and Apple payments.

Our charges are exactly the same and you won't be charged a penny more, from anyone, it really is just a case of buying an iZettle reader.

The reader isn't locked to our app so you can also use the same reader to take payments at the bar or to sell additional merchandise separately

The app is fully integrated with the website, simply log in as you would with website and you can run your box office and start taking card payments.

It runs on all modern iPhones and iPads and as the iZettle also has a battery, you can take payments absolutely anywhere.

To download the app, simply search for Tickets Ignite Box Office in the App Store. To use it with an iZettle reader, simply pop us an email at [email protected] or call 020 3633 5606 and we'll get everything set up for you

Find out more about using iZettle at your Box Office