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How much do you raise for the arts?

Like other ticketing companies, we charge booking fees, but in our case at least 30% of our income (after payment processing charges have been paid) goes into the Ignite Fund which emerging artists; theatre makers, dancers, musicians, comedians etc, can apply to in order to create new work.

The other 70% of income goes into creating a fantastic platform for our users.

Here’s an example of how much funding we could potentially raise with your help:

If we sold 7 events each night for the next year, in 100 seat venues for £20 per ticket, we could raise £100,000 to support the arts.

Where does the funding go and/or how do I apply for funding?

Out of the Ignite Fund, we award grants to emerging artists to create new work. The amount and how often we award them depends on how much we raise.

There are two simpe criteria for applying to our funding pot:

1. You have had a connection to Tickets Ignite during the last 12 months. You could have:

participated in an event that has been sold through Tickets Ignite

taken a show to a venue that runs its box office through Tickets Ignite

set up and sold tickets to an event via Tickets Ignite yourself

2. Live performance

You are applying for funding to support the creation of a performance that will be live and performed in front of an audience.

Our grant scheme is not currently open - it will open once we have raised our first £1000.

If you’d like to be kept up to date with details of the Ignite Fund, you can change your preferences in your dashboard, under ‘my account’, we will then email you once the first grant scheme opens.


When I buy a ticket, how much do I raise for the arts?

After we’ve paid any payment processing charges, at least 30% of your booking fee goes to the Ignite Fund. Sometimes you pay the booking fee, sometimes the event organiser pays it (or part of it) on your behalf.

How do I book tickets to an event?

Have a browse on our website and decide on an event you’d like to attend. Click on that event page and then on ‘Get Tickets’. If you are new to our site, you will need to register, which is quick and easy. Otherwise you can log in and head straight to the check out.

How is my booking confirmed and do I need to print my ticket?

After booking, you will receive a booking confirmation by email with your purchase details. Your ticket will also be stored under ‘My Bookings’ in your account.

For most events you’ll be asked to state your name or quote your booking reference and show your email confirmation to the venue. However, occasionally an event organiser will ask you to print your ticket in advance. If this is the case, the event organiser will let you know.

How do I use a ticket code?

Click on an event page and then on ‘Get Tickets’. After registering, it will take you to the booking page. There you can add your discount code.

How late can I book an event?

This is up to the event organiser as they can set the times that tickets are on and off sale. In general, most ticket sellers want to keep an event on sale for as long as possible.

Can I choose my own seats?

At present, we only work with event organisers that offer unallocated seating so this isn’t currently possible. We hope this is a development that will come in the future!

How do you process payments?

You can purchase tickets using most debit and credit cards. It does cost us more to process credit cards however, so we would encourage you to use your debit card where possible as this means more money goes into the Ignite Fund!

Is my money secure?

We are working with an external organisation, Worldpay, that processes all our tickets - this means your card details are completely secure.

How much do you charge ticket buyers (in addition to your ticket price)?

We have different payment structures for different event organisers and this impacts your final booking fee.

In general, we charge a booking fee of 6% + 40p per ticket. However, the event organiser has the option to pass the booking fee onto you, cover the cost themselves or split the cost with you. Therefore, your booking fee could be different for each event.

We also work closely with organisations that are selling larger amounts of tickets per year and want a more bespoke package to suit them. In this case, they will charge a booking fee of up to £1 per ticket.

So to summarise, the most you will pay per ticket is £1 from our larger ticket sellers or 6% + 40p for tickets to other events. Here is an example:

You buy two £12 tickets to an event totalling £24

The booking fee is 6% + 40p per ticket which totals £2.24 and passed on to you

In total, you pay £26.24

Of your £2.24 booking fee, at least 43p will help fund the arts.

Can I book via the phone?

This depends on the event. Check out the event page in order to find out.

Can I give my ticket to someone else or reschedule?

If you can’t attend or you are buying tickets for someone else, make sure you put their name into the ticket holder box, rather than yours and give them the confirmation email. If you need to change the name of the ticket holder, please get in touch with the organiser directly. In general, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it is up to the venue organiser if they are happy to make this change.

If you want to reschedule your ticket, you need to again get in touch with the event organiser to request this. This is not always possible however - make sure you check their event page for any details they may have shared about this.

What is your refunds policy?

Different event organisers have different refund policies, check their event page for more details of this. If an event organiser agrees to refund your tickets, we will refund you your original transaction (including any booking fees), minus a charge of 5% of the full transaction. This will help us cover any payment processing and other costs we may have incurred.

So, for example, if your originally bought 2 tickets which came to £40 in total (including a booking fee), you would be refunded £38 (£40 minus 5% of £40). This 5% charge is waivable if the event is cancelled or significantly changed (e.g. change of date, venue or headline act).

For our full refund policy, please go to our Terms & Conditions. You can find them here


What happens if I get halfway through creating an event and need to return to it later

As you create your event it saves automatically along the way. If you only get part of the way through, you can leave the website and return to it later. When you come back to finish the event, head to your dashboard and you will find it there.

I’ve published an event but I’ve noticed an error. Can I make changes?

You can indeed. Head to your dashboard, find the event and click ‘edit’. You can then go in and make any changes. Please note, after you have published an event, all changes you subsequently make will be updated to the live page automatically, so make sure you are happy with any edits you make.

If you want to first make changes to the event without them being seen by ticket buyers, you can temporarily ‘unpublish’ your event. Please be aware that this will take the event off sale until you republish it.

How much do you charge event organisers?

We have two different plans:

General Event Organiser - recommended for all

Event Organiser Plus - recommended for organisers planning on selling over 50k in tickets per year and/or are interested in an integrated box office system

How do I receive the income from my ticket sales?

In order to be paid you must upload your bank account details. To do this, head to your dashboard, click on ‘My Events’ and then ‘Bank account details’ which is located on your organisation dashboard.

We will generally pay you your net box office income (gross sales minus any Tickets Ignite fees) within 7 days of an event finishing.

How do I issue complimentary tickets?

To do this you need to set up a new ticket type when creating an event. In the creating an event section, click on 4 (Add Tickets) and scroll down to ticket type.

Insert a ticket name e.g. Press Comps, set the price as £0 and under options, find ‘Which outlets can attendees buy tickets through?’. Change this to ‘just through the box office’. This will ensure the free tickets are invisible to ticket buyers but you can issue them at the box office.

How do I add a promotional code?

When creating an event click on 4 (Add Tickets) and scroll down to ticket type. Insert a ticket name and then click ‘options’. Scroll down to where it says ‘A password or promotional code ticket buyers will have to enter to purchase this ticket type’ and insert a code word.

By inserting a promotional code word, this ticket type will not be visible on the booking page. You can distribute the code amongst potential ticket buyers, who can use it at the checkout.


Do you have an app?

Not yet - but it is something we are planning. For the time being, we have a fancy responsive website which means that you can easily access our website across all devices - smartphones, tablets and laptops.

I have an idea about how to improve your platform, who do I contact?

As a start-up, your feedback and ideas are invaluable. Please send us any thoughts to [email protected]


Contact us at [email protected] with any further questions