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Derby Theatre, Derby

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In response to the recent conversations around issues and challenges parents in the arts face, In Good Company and Notnow Collective have teamed up to take action!


If you are a (expecting or existing) parent/carer artists or creative, whether currently working, on parental leave, or considering going back to work, we would like to hear from you. In this consultation session, we want to focus specifically on the Midlands region and the context in which local parent/carer artists, creatives, organisations and venues work.


Our aim is to identify the needs and consider immediate and future actions, in order to enable better access to opportunities, work and facilities for parent/ carer creatives in the Midlands. 


The consultation is held in anticipation of a forthcoming Parent-Carer Scratch Night presented by Notnow Collective and In Good Company and hosted by Derby Theatre, which will be held on 21stSeptember 2019.  More information and a call out to follow soon through In Good Company Newsletter.


This consultation is supported by PIPA Campaign, and the guest speakers will be announced soon.

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Derby Theatre

Theatre Walk



Presented by Notnow Collective and In Good Company

Hosted by Derby Theatre

This event is baby and child friendly. There will be baby changing facilitites and buggy parking allocated.

The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Please email us with any access quieries in order to ensure everyone can take part in this event.


Can I bring my baby/child?

Yes, this is a baby and child friendly event, however parents remain responsible for their chidlren at all times. Please register your baby/children as appropriate when making a booking, so we can make appropriate arrangements.


Is this events just for mums?

We are calling all the people who self-identify as parents or carers, and are working, or considering going back to work in theatre industry.


I have not been working for some time and am looking to get back to work. Can I still come?

Absolutely. We are encouraging all those looking to get back to work to come forth. We are keen to discuss BACK TO WORK initiative as proposed by PIPA Campaign.





Notnow Collective

Notnow Collective was co-founded by 2 Croatian artists living in the Midlands out of necessity to make our caring roles visible and explore ways of integrating parenthood into professional practice and quality theatre experience. The company creates playful, evocative and highly visual theatre by questioning what we know of parenthood and family and home. Work we create is geared at adult audiences, but we welcome babies to our working process, and to our performances by offering BYOB (bring you own baby) shows. We are associate artists of In Good Company. We created and toured work about parenthood: Wonderwoman: The Naked Truth and DadMan: The Bathtime Warrior. Our newest show on the road is Pepper & Honey - a story about migration and meaning of home told through the process of baking traditional Croatian pepper biscuits.