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Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne

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Pay what you feel

Cap-A-Pie presents The Other City

When: Audio Theatre available from Tuesday 2nd April from:
Post Show Discussion: Saturday 6th April 2019
Discussion Begins: 2.00pm
Age Recommendation:14+, under 18s should be supervised by a parent/guardian
Running Time: 45 mins

A free piece of audio theatre  by Cap-a-Pie.

Visit  to download the podcast, choose a starting point in your city and listen whenever you like.

How often do you really notice the city around you? Cities today are so big, so complex and so busy that our brains have to shut things out just to survive. The Other City invites you to take those blinkers off – to see what we don’t notice, to pay attention to what’s really there.

Content suitable for 14+ years. The show involves walking around your city, we would advise under 18’s are supervised by a parent/guardian.

Join us on Saturday 6th April at 2.00pm for a free post show discussion to discuss your experience and chat to the team behind the idea.

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Alphabetti Theatre

Saint James' Boulevard

Newcastle upon Tyne


The Alphabetti Theatre bar and theatre are wheelchair accessible. 


Ticket Collection Policy: for all shows which are Pay What You Feel all tickets must be collected by 1.45pm. Tickets uncollected by 1.45pm will be made available to those on the waiting list for shows which sell out.

Age Recommendation: 14+ 

Running Time: approx. 1 hour 



Alphabetti Theatre

Alphabetti Theatre is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and was created by Ali Pritchard in 2012. We create, produce, and programme new, original work from emerging artists across the performing arts, championing work in Music, Theatre, Comedy and Poetry. We strive to make theatre that is relatable and accessible to all, and are constantly looking for new ways to challenge ourselves, physically, mentally and conceptually – we believe that by challenging ourselves we inevitably challenge the audience, creating engaging and original experiences.