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Cherry Red's Cafe Bar, Birmingham

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Everybody's favourite materials podcast is going on tour to Birmingham. Hosted by award-winning materials scientist and science communicator, Dr Anna Ploszajski'rial Talk is a podcast featuring tinkers, makers, artists and obsessives each with their own unique spin on their chosen material. This event is a live conversation with local iron expert, Coralie Acheson.

Coralie is an archaeologist and heritage tourism researcher studying how tourists encounter and engage with the heritage of the industrial revolution. Her day job as a heritage consultant is all about how to manage the old stuff that’s all around us through the planning system. When not doing that she’s been researching tourism in Ironbridge Gorge, where for the last few years she’s been spending a lot of time standing about on the first bridge in the world to be made of iron. 

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Cherry Red's Cafe Bar

John Bright Street


Thanks to Sarah Cosgriff, Jon Wood and Naomi Green for their help organising this event.

Unfortunately the venue is located via stairs, so may not be accessible to all. Please get in touch if you have access requirements. 

What time are doors? 6:30pm

What time does the show start? 7pm

What time does it finish? 8:30pm

Is there an interval? No


Anna Ploszajski

Anna Ploszajski is an award winning materials scientist and stand-up comedian.