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Russell Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, Bournemouth

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A relaxed afternoon in a fantastic Victorian house - where you can take time out for YOU.  

Starting with some warm ups and learning some techniques over a cup of tea, we'll then move into the house to put our techniques into practice. 

Hosted by S L Goy - As a trained illustrator and practicing artist the sessions are relaxed and chilled with the groups will never be any bigger than 6. Ideal for any level - Learning from scratch or building on what you know - we will sketch around the house every 3rd Sunday of the month


12.-- 3pm - materials provided but bring a hardbacked sketchbook. 

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Russell Cotes Art Gallery & Museum



Disabled friendly  with lifts - although please check with venue if unsure. 

Meet in the Cafe on the second floor ( free to get into)

Entrance price not included.

If you plan to visit the museum a lot - then they do an annual pass. 


S L Goy Art Inspirations

Take time out to create and give yourself a bit of ' me time' We run a variety of creative sessions but the emphasis is on taking time out as well as learning new skills. The approach is inntuitive and working to the indovidual's needs, allowing them to expressive themselves in their own way.