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Harrison Gastro Pub, London

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After a fantastic opening night ft. barrels of laughs and some hilarious name-based grievances, we're back!




Faz Alam, who gets too Faz, too Furious about the many names he's had over the years, such as Fez, Baz, and "Oi You".


Kwasi Kwakwa, who's got a simple name, 5 letters, not hard to pronounce, and yet the source of so many stories.


Sarah Cosgriff, who took her husband's surname (Stone) not for traditional reasons, but because she was tired of spelling her name and people still getting it wrong.


Cerys (Ker-is) Bradley, who can attribute nearly all of their worst memories from childhood to mispronunciations of their name and how those moments were exploited by the snot-nosed brats they went to school with (95% of whom were called Catherine or Emma or Chloe). It's ok though, because now they're a stand-up comedian so, clearly, everything worked out fine.


Charlie George, who is NOT a former Arsenal football player, she is a mixed-race, queer woman from Swindon. Her name is the source of misunderstanding wherever she goes, the banner hanging above her ongoing identity crisis and her deep seated residual longing for a mullet.


Paolo Arru, who escaped Italy because of how common his name was, but now wants to go back because it’s been butchered way too much. He’ll (almost certainly) tell you of that time his name was misspelled 3 times out of 5 in one email.


Corina Shika Kwami - First name is Corina, not to be confused with autocorrect "Corona" for apple products or the title of a song by Bob Dylan, James Hunter...Middle name: Shika, not to be confused with 'chica.' Last name: Kwami, also not to be confused with your Ghanaian friend Kwame.




Steve Cross, who has one of the dullest names imaginable and wants to save his future kids from this fate.




Say My Name

A night of stories about names!


Featuring stories about mispronunciations, mistakes, misunderstandings, and including mega laughs!


All proceeds go to MAMA Youth:




Artwork: Hana Ayoob

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Harrison Gastro Pub

Harrison Street




Doors at 7 pm for 7.30 pm start


Shalaka Kurup