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OH Creative Space, London

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OH is celabration its opening with it's first immersive shows at The Biscuit Factory. 

Come along for a night of site specific exciting works by Sivan Rubinstein and Jessica Miller. 

Active Maps / Sivan Rubinstein 

An audience participation performance lead by choreographer Sivan Rubinstein and live music composer Liran Donin. The journey starts with a visual installation designed by Hammish McPherson where we look at the world as one home. Then through movement, sound and migration we create our very own global map which looks at the constantly changing nature of the world.

Live Musician: Liran Donin
Set Design & Researcher: Hamish McPherson
Academic collbrator: Dr. Sarah Fine (kings College london) 

Rejoining Jane / Tick Tock Bridget 

Rejoining Jane is a delightful immersive experience set in a cafe, which premiered at Brighton Fringe Festival Spring 2017. The audience are invited to eavesdrop on a book group’s monthly meet-up, discussing their latest read Rejoining Jane. The three dancers and the audience find themselves being carried in and out of Jane’s turbulent adventure, all within the confines of a cosy cafe. 

Together they delve into her story, travelling from Bromley to Papua New Guinea (via Ibiza!) with various escapades and secrets that unfold along the way. 

Images are with thanks to Sophie Newton! 


#duets / Sivan Rubinstein

Performers Flora Barros & Gordon D Raeburn

On Off / Jessica Miller
A visual installation which expresses the emotive qualities of colour and explores links with mental health and wellbeing. 


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OH Creative Space

Clements Road


SE16 4DG

Thanks to you in advance for joining in.

With thanks to ManyHands London who have opened access to the building for incredible artists to create and share together. The Swallowsfeet Collective for supporting this event.

The event is on the second floor of Block F building which includes four flights of stairs. Unfortunetly the building has no lift access. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Spaces are limited please book in advance to reserve your place.

Audiance participation to be expected but not a nessesity. Active Maps includes audiance participation but the audiance have to choice to observe if and when they wish.