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Saturday, 24th Apr

£4.27 - £10.68

Welcome to My Crying Party is a Party/Workshop led by Asian Creatives for Asian Communities.
Held on Zoom, the party aims to hold up space for recovery, to give each other mutual support and inspire each other’s artistic practice.

*Please note that RUMAH prioritises Asian diaspora communities. In this context, we define Asian as from South, South East, East, West & Central Asia and those of mixed-Asian heritage & non-British


Kick off the crying party with un/structured play in movement and conversation. 

You have wild permission. To remember, rediscover with great wonder.
You have wild permission. To move, make, mend or listen in a space held tender.
You have wild permission. To become and belong as you are upon this shared breath we enter.
You have wild permission. 

David is a proud Malaysian, a movement facilitator with a passion for play culture, joyful activism and embodied placemaking. Weaving 10 years of multimodal research across architecture, dance and yoga, David offers brave spaces for communities to #keepkam and explore the wonder in wellbeing. David believes that imagination is not a luxury, but everyone’s birthright. David also runs KindRedPacket, a grassroots organisation championing the voices and welfare of East/Southeast Asians (ESEA) whilst inspiring the joys of giving back.

Through this workshop you will learn about vegetables and herbs that can be grown in small spaces as microgreens, and sow your own little container of Shiso, Mizuna and Daikon to care for. We will explore how we can connect to a sense of place through the seasoning of food and the care and conditions it takes for the plants to grow.
*All materials will be provided.

Jasmine Shigemura Lee is an interdisciplinary artist who creates visual art, text and performance. Her work considers ‘sustainability’ in a broad sense through an interest in gardening as community care. Furthermore, her work explores identity and vulnerability from a queer perspective through the use of illusion, humour and transformation. She is a graduate of the Slade School of Art, where she was a recipient of the Clare Winsten Memorial Award and the Berenice Goodwin Prize for performance ar

Previously she has worked with and performed at a variety of venues, organisations and festivals including: Roundhouse, Glastonbury, Latitude, Diskurs Festival (Germany), Spare Tyre, Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival (Norway), Critical Interruptions and the Live Art Development Agency.


Fathima will be reading her poems that look at the ideas of belonging, girlhood and identity. As a child of the diaspora,  she is constantly thinking and writing about home, place and movement.

Fathima Zahra is an Indian poet based in Essex. She is a Barbican Young Poet and a Roundhouse Poetry Collective alum. Her pamphlet is forthcoming with ignition press (August, 2021).


RECIPE: Tortang-Talong is a Filipino dish that roughly translates to "Eggplant Omelette". I love it because it's so underrated as a breakfast dish. The simple combination of smokey aubergine battered in fresh eggs make it healthy and universally appealing. Made of four core ingredients, it's easy to cook in any sized kitchen and straightforward to adapt to any dietary requirements.
*FatBoy Zine Issue 2 will be part of the crying party kit*

Chris O'Leary is a Creative based in London. He's the creator of FatBoy Zine, a publication and platform which looks at Asian food, identity, and culture. Described as "part cookbook, part diary, and part love letter" the project is an open collaboration between creatives from all over the world.

TICKETS @ PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN-AFFORD ( £4 / £6 / £8 / £10)
*Sign up with your home address by 19th April 2021 to receive the crying party kit + workshop materials.

**Available for participants based anywhere within The UK.

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Produced by Khai for RUMAH
Suported by Paul Hamlyn's Ideas & Pioneer Fund.

TICKETS @ PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN-AFFORD ( £4 / £6 / £8 / £10)
*Sign up with your home address by 19th April 2021 to receive the crying party kit + workshop materials.

**Available for participants based anywhere within The UK.



RUMAH create events that can bring the Asian diaspora* communities together, Big Up one another and reflect the true representation of Asian diapsora artists in Britain today. *Asian diaspora in this context includes individuals from South Asia, South East Asia, East Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, mixed-Asian heritage & non-British.