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Your Doorstep, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire

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Pay what you feel - £10.68

The Invisible Thread Doorstep gigs are intimate acoustic performances featuring violin, guitar and song. Devised by Can’t Sit Still, these gigs are made to connect, uplift and celebrate new mums with babies up to 13 months old. The gigs are 15 minutes long and will take place on doorsteps, in cul-de-sacs and outside blocks of flats. Families and neighbours are welcome to toe tap along.

First developed in 2019, Invisible Thread is a multi-layered programme of work that aims to have a positive effect on maternal wellbeing. We are delighted to have adapted this project to take place in Gloucestershire and South Bristol in Spring 2021, in response to the urgent need for support for people who’ve given birth during the Covid-19 pandemic.

These gigs are available on a 'Pay What You Can Afford' basis, with prices ranging from 0 - £10. Click on the 'Book Tickets' button to see the full range of prices available. When you've booked we will contact you to ask for your address via email. If you've not received an email from us please check your spam folder.

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Your Doorstep

Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire

Invisible Thread is devised by the company:

Julia Turner - Musician & Composer

Claire Northey - Musician

Laura McEwen - Designer

Hobbit - Creative Collaborator

Catherine Boot - Director

Jay Haigh - Company Manager

Alexa Gibbens - Social Media & Marketing Officer

Dominic Mallin - Graphic Designer

On booking you will be asked to send us your address and a picture of your front door, along with any access requirements (for you or us!) that we might need to know about.

How long is the performance? - 15 minutes

Where will it take place? - Outside the front of your house. When you book we will ask you to send us a picture of your front door or space you think the performance could take place. The show is adaptable to pretty much any situation!

Is this allowed under Covid restrictions? - Yes. From 29th March the rule of 6 outdoors begins. We have undertaken a full risk assessment (a copy of which is available on request) and have a number of Covid-19 protection measures in place.

What are these measures? - The performers will take a rapid lateral flow test on the morning of each day of performances. In the event of a positive test the gig will be postponed/cancelled. The performers will remain a minimum of 2m distance from you at all times. There is no need for any direct contact. The performers will sainitise their hands directly before and after each performance. The performances take place outdoors, greatly reducing the risk of contagion.

Will the performers wear face masks? - Yes the musicians will wear masks on arrival & departure but as the gig takes place outside, at a safe distance, there is no need for them to wear masks during the performance.

Are my family allowed to watch or is it just for me and my baby? - Your family are more than welcome to join you.

Can I get my neighbours involved too? - Yes. As long as everyone stays within their own house/garden/driveway, neighbours are more than welcome to listen too.

What happens if my baby is asleep when you arrive? - This performance is as much for you as for your baby, and we tailor the gig to whoever we find in the audience. If your baby is asleep we can still go ahead and you can relax and enjoy the music with a sleeping baby.

What if I need to change/feed my baby during the gig? - You're more than welcome to do whatever you or your baby need to do whilst we're with you. In fact we want you to! If you need to go to the toilet we'll wait for you to come back to continue. If you want to feed or walk around whilst you listen that's fine by us. We're mums too and we know the score.

Can I buy a gig for a friend or relative who's a new mum? - Of course! It's a great idea. Just make sure they're going to be in at the time and date you've booked for!


Can't Sit Still

Can't Sit Still creates new, devised performances combining physical theatre, circus, and live music. We make work with and for unusual audiences*, often in unusual locations**. ​ We tell stories and start conversations that have the power to change the world by turning ideas, systems and people*** upside down. ​ *unusual audiences - children, young people, people who are labelled as having special needs (PMLD, SLD, MLD), people who identify as being on the Autistic Spectrum, people who are D/deaf, new mothers and birth parents with babies, people who use English as a second language and anyone who, for any reason, might not believe that the arts are for them. **unusual locations - libraries, children’s centres, outdoors, doorsteps, village halls, town halls, screens and anywhere you might not normally expect to find a performance. *** may contain handstands.