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Glasgow Connected Arts Network ONLINE, Glasgow

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A free two-hour online workshop on how to collectively create and animate a walk cycle. Aimed at ages 13 - 24.

The workshop aims to introduce participants to the medium of animation and in the realization of a GIF and a collective short animated film. The participants will be asked to draw a full-body self-portrait based on a given template that will form a walk cycle. The self-portrait will not need to be realistic, it can be highly stylized and abstracted (with something resembling hands and feet so that it can be animated into a walk).

You will also be asked to record a sentence starting with 'I am' and a one- or two-word descriptor such as 'I am strong' or 'I am Glaswegian' and will be asked to think of a second sentence that explains what this sentence means to them. you will be asked to upload their drawings and sound clips on an online folder.

Myria will put all of your drawings together to form a walk-cycle with sound!


About Myria:

I am a Scottish and Cypriot experimental animator, visual artist and researcher. As an interdisciplinary artist that embraces many media, I consider process, artistic communication and my message as my ultimate goal and am flexible in its achievement. Being a graduate of the Bauhaus, I had extensive artistic education and this interdisciplinary preference is clear in my practice. My work is often a practice-led investigation into creative communication avenues among people in conflict, and it is also aiming to act as an alternative platform for issues such as mental health. I also enjoy creating pieces with autobiographical elements. I was lucky to have the opportunity to study in different countries and to gain a practice-led PhD in the creative arts, animation and peace-building from the Glasgow School of Art. Currently, I am working as a freelance artist and animator, and I am employed as a teaching fellow in Animation at the University of Edinburgh. To view more of my work visit

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Glasgow Connected Arts Network ONLINE

Southblock 60 - 64 Osborne Street


G1 5QH

Please notify us in advance if you requre additional access facilities: [email protected]

Aimed at ages 13 - 24.

How do I attend?

A zoom link will be sent out in advance

What will I need?

● Computer with an internet connection

● 10 - 20 A4 sheets of paper (just normal printing paper, nothing too thick)

● Pencil (and pencil sharpener) and eraser.

● Drawing, painting and collage material of your choice. You should gather as much and as varied material as you can.  Suggestions are Biro pens, markers, coloured pencils, scissors, glue, old magazines or advertisement leaflets, scrap you can glue into your artwork, pieces of fabric, interesting napkins, googly eyes, dried food such as lentils or beans, stickers, paints, brushes. You do not need to buy anything in particular, just be inventive with what you find around you! 

● A phone with a camera, microphone and access to the internet.

● Work in advance: Each participant should please create an account with the free GIF platform