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Ogilvie Terrace, Edinburgh

Friday, 12th Mar - Friday, 26th Mar

£15.00 - £40.00

These four Zoom masterclasses take place over the 4 Thursdays from 10am to 5pm. You as a participant in the Masterclass tell stories and gets feedback from the grop and Svend-Erik from 10am to 12noon. Then lunch for one hour. Then each of you will get one half hour individual coaching with Svend-Erik. Finally from 4pm to 5pm we tell the stories in the group and again group feedback. The last session is filmed and Svend-Erik gives his final feedback in a mail after the session.

The Masterclasses are for storytellers who tells any kind of stories, fables, fairy tales, myths. 

Storytellers are invited to bring their work in progress to the masterclasses where they will work together with Svend-Erik and the group to get to the heart of their story - we work with the feedback format that you can find on

"When you have heard a story being told and you want to improve the telling, start by saying, “The clearest picture in the story was …”. Then say something positive about the way it was told. 

After that, say what you think the story was about. It is important here, that this is your suggestion, not the truth! Please don’t sound like you are an expert and that you are very clever. If you do, it is a direct way to raise resistance to your feedback. You are not clever, you are just a listener and you have some ideas, but it can only work if the storyteller finds a way to make these ideas their own. You have to give them the opportunity to see the story improve. When you tell a story, it will only work if there is a partnership between the storyteller and the listener. Likewise in a coaching session there must be a partnership between storyteller and storycoach.

The final thing to identify is “which part of the story needs some more love!” Then discuss where the storyteller was absent, not grounded, lost in details etc. Then the story coach and the storyteller can work together to improve the story and the telling of it."


These Masterclasses are a chance to really sharpen your story and sharpen your telling.

Svend-Erik has been telling stories for nearly 30 years and has been coaching storytellers for just as long. 

Svend-Erik takes only 4 participants on each course. 

Program for the day

In the morning after a warm-up, each group member gets to tell their story and receive feedback which always serves to lift both the story and storyteller. 

After a lunch break participants get some private coaching with Svend-Erik away from the group. 

In the final part of the workshop day, each storyteller shares their work in a session which is recorded. Svend-Erik uses this video to give his final feedback to each member of the group.

Email [email protected] if you have any further questions.


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Ogilvie Terrace

Ogilvie Terrace



As a story coach, Svend has the gift of empowering and enabling storytellers to develop their skills in oral storytelling whilst nurturing them with constructive and insightful feedback. Svend wholeheartedly listens to developing storytellers, then guides them with encouraging and insightful feedback, taking each person forward at their own pace. Importantly each person has an opportunity to feedback what has resonated with them in the comments Svend makes and identify what they will put into practise in future. I would highly recommend Svend-Erik as a story coach - he is a delight to work with.

Anne Pitcher, storyteller

Svend is a wonderful teacher! He is passionate about the world of story and manages to detect the strength and weaknesses within the tale. His workshops are joyful with valuable as well as kind feedback. Even though the workshops are online now, he is able to connect with each and everyone – creating a vibrant and engaged environment. I highly recommend working with Svend and discover new and surprising ways in your telling.        

Franziska Droll, tourguide and storyteller

Svend is an amazing storyteller. His tales always weave an unhurried atmosphere with a full range of emotion, and before you realize it, an hour has flown by. He is also an excellent teacher, who can spot and communicate exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and give accurate and practical suggestions for improvement. He gives the moment his full attention, giving encouragement, building confidence, and demanding more at all times.  

Linda Perttula, Storyteller and tourguide

Many, many thanks for the wonderful series of Master Classes you gave us. I thought it was amazing the way you homed in so exactly on what each of us needed to do to improve our stories while at the same time supporting our faith in our storytelling;  and also the way you encouraged other participants to make valuable comments. I am particularly grateful for the help you have given me in overcoming sudden blocks in my storytelling, something that has been dogging me for some time, and for all that I have learnt besides that during these 4 Classes."

Jackie Carothers, Storyteller


Svend-Erik Engh, Storyteller