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Online event, Edinburgh

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Free - £186.81

What is this?

a 17 week course, in which we'll be reading and discussing Rudolf Steiner's book Philosophy of Freedom.

Where will it take place?


When will it take place?

Wednesdays, starting 20th January (to be confirmed) 6:30-7:30pm UK time

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone interested in obtaining a deeper insight into their own life and the world and willing to commit to a joint journey over 17 weeks through a challenging and revealing book. You need no background in Philosophy or know anything about Rudolf Steiner or his work. You need a genuine interest in understanding the mysteries of life and an openness to sharing and listening. 


The Philosophy of Freedom provides a key to understanding oneself and the world. As such, it provides a 'key to life'. This key turns out to be a key to a process, not a key to a fixed outcome. In other words, the discovery process is synchronous to the reading process and we learn through reading the book what is essential and what is non-essential in our lives. We gain insight into the very foundations of this mysterious human life of ours and are empowered to seek our own way through life, without needing to buy into any particular faith or conviction. We may begin to realise what freedom really is and how we might manifest it in our own lives.


Rudolf Steiner first published his Philosophy of Freedom at the end of the 19th Century (1894) in German, providing a solid foundation for what later became spiritual science. Throughout the rest of his life (1861-1925) he often referred to this book as providing the philosophical and methodological foundation for much of his later work. At the same time, in later editions of the book, he wrote that the book stands on its own. There is no need to be familiar at all with later findings of spiritual science, nor do we need to believe in the existence of spiritual beings or a spiritual world to understand the Philosophy of Freedom and experience its transformative potential.

How much does it cost?

Suggested donation of between £25-175 for the entire course.  But essentially, this can be a free event, if you need it to be. Any voluntary financial contributions are most welcome and will be shared equally between two organisations: the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain and the Authentic Artist Collective Hardship Fund. Please make a contribution, if you wish, through paypal or let me know via email how much you would like to contribute and I will send you a payment request.

In addition, you may want to purchase a copy of the book or read it online for free.

Video-conference link will be sent after you book and a few hours before the first meeting.


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Online event



Course facilitator: Iddo Oberski (Iddo pronounced as in 'kiddo')

I am a retired academic and have worked in several universities in the UK, in the area of adult education and academic staff development. I have researched and published across a wide range of educational topics, including Steiner education. I have also taught on teacher education courses, including an MSc in Higher and Professional Education and currently teach one hour per week on the Edinburgh Steiner Teacher Education Course, where I focus on working with students on two books by Rudolf Steiner: Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and the Philosophy of Freedom. 

I grew up in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, where I completed a degree in Experimental Zoology. I completed a PhD at Stirling University in Scotland in 1994 on the social behaviour of capitve chimpanzees and then worked in education research and teaching for almost 25 years. I became disabled in 2009 and by 2019 it had become no longer possible for me to do the job as a result of my health. I retired on medical grounds in July 2019.

Besides Rudolf Steiner's work, I am interested in a wide range of areas, I am a musician and artist and enjoy my garden.


Iddo Oberski