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£2.14 - £8.54

Producers' Pool is a gathering of creative producers across theatre and many artforms who are based in, or focussed on making work in collaboration with, the UK.  There are currently 550 members and the monthly meetings, via Zoom, are designed to enable friends to meet, new connections to be made between future friends and collaborators, and for us to explore two questions 'what do you need ?' which someone in the room might be able to help with in some way and 'what can you offer?' by way of skill, experience, time, connections.

This meeting will also allow time to explore the future for our creative work after the last year of intense exploration in the digital world. When theatres reopen, and audiences once again have to opportunity to witness live performance on the ground, what of our digital learning do we want to cherish and develop in the future?  How does this blended future increase access, enrich the artforms, offer new revenue streams ?  And what may have been lost through the screen-days which creative producers need to consider when planning 2022 and beyond ?

Guests: Alistair Whatley (founder and AD) & Emma Martin (Communicational Manager) for Original Theatre Company and Original Theatre Online and Daren Cheek (cofounder and AD) of Damn Cheek each bringing their experience of adapting their work from the stage to the screen.

Please join us for small group discussions, inspiring opinions, and time for new connections and a feeling of collaboration into the future. 


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Zoom link will be sent the night before

Zoom link will be sent the night before

The meeting will be recorded for review by attendees and bookers. There will also be a transcription available to view.   In breakout rooms you are welcome to record your own smller meeting discussions.  If there are any other access support opportunities we can help with, just let [email protected] know. 

The Zoom link will be sent out the night before the event.  If you are late and pay on the day (costs more) then please also email Chris to let him know so the link will get to you. 



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