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St Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Bristol

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£6.41 - £21.35

In the year 1599, William Shakespeare is in trouble.  The competition’s got stiffer, his theatre’s been dismantled and everyone’s telling him what he should be writing.  But when you’re in trouble, the best way out is to get in a bit deeper.

 Inspired by the best-selling book by James Shapiro, this journey through 1599 shows how a single year transformed Shakespeare’s fortunes.  

1599 shows how a single year transformed Shakespeare's fortunes; a year in which he wrote Henry V, Julius Caesar, As you like it and Hamlet ... a year in which the theatre literally moved!

The most fantastic, laugh-out-loud funny, illumination of Shakespeare and his plays you’re ever likely to see!

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St Thomas Mar Thoma Church

Stackpool Road




Bill Shakespeare - Alison Campbell

Will Kemp - Chris Yapp

Philip Henslowe - Kirsty Cox



Director - Ed Viney

Producer - Jacqui Ham

Designer - James Helps


Full accessibility for wheelchair users

Please print and bring your tickets to the event entrance.

Please arrive 15 minutes before performance start time.

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