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Wednesday, 2nd Dec

£1.07 - £5.34

The first Wed of the month, producers working in and passionate about the South West will gather to explore common challenges, amazing projects, and dreams for the future.  The world needs more producers.  And producers work amazingly well sharing ideas and projects. Producers' Pool (SW) is a place to be generous and honest - 'what do you need?' by way of support or collaboration or contacts, and 'what can you offer?' by way of your skill, contacts, mentorship or ideas.

Producers' Pool is a UK and international network of 550 freelance and house/building based producers working on new projects.  They may have their own companies, or be in a company/theatre, or training towards producing.  PP(SW) is one of a growing network of satellites. 

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details will be sent after you've booked a slot

details will be sent after you've booked a slot

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This new network will be facilitated by Bridport based Producer Jane McGibbon, working with PP co-ordinator Chris Grady.  Together we hope the network will grow. 



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