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Edinburgh, Your house

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Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Go on

Do it now


Keep looking

Strike a pose

Look again

Who are you trying to be?


You ordered a performance, we’re here to deliver. A set of instructions straight to your door. You’re a natural performer, after all. You’re performing all the time. We’ll perform it with you at a safe distance. Don’t worry, no one is looking. No one is looking but you. The buzzer is for you, the performance is by you, about you. We made it especially. We hope it sets you free.


Please note a door delivery is part of this performance. If you are not in the city but outlying areas please book for the 7th of November 6pm performance only. EDIT BOOKING NOW CLOSED FOR OUTLYING AREAS, PLEASE BOOK FOR THE 28TH VIA THE GLASGOW EVENT BELOW


Pricing and availability

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Your house

Produced by Vanishing Point

Made by Brite Theater

Concept and text Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir


What about access?
Because this happens in your own home *most* access requirements should not limit your ability to take part. However, adjustments need to be made for audiences with visual impairments, severe dyslexia and/or hearing loss to best enjoy the performance. Immobility might also change your experience of this piece. If this applies to you or if you have any questions regarding access please get in touch with us so that we can accommodate.

N.B. When you buy a ticket for this show a package will be delivered to you at a designated time slot between 6pm and 8pm (or 2pm and 4pm for the matinee) on the day of the performance you book for. We will tell you when your slot is via email. You perform the set of instructions yourself in your own home. We require your address as well as your telephone number as you will receive a telephone call during the performance. We will be in touch via email to collect those from you nearer the time. Please respond when we do or we cannot deliver. Each ticket is for one participant only, please book more if you intend for there to be multiple participants in your household.

These tickets are for the Edinburgh performances, there are other dates for Glasgow. 

Age guidance 12+

Deliverance Frequently Asked Questions

Are you coming to my house?
Yes - but only to drop off a parcel - you’re performing this piece. All deliveries will adhere to social distancing guidelines and deliverers will wear masks for your and their protection.

Wait, I’m performing it?
Yes, but don’t worry, we’ll tell you how. Deliverance is a performance about you, by you, for you. No one else is present. You’re gonna be brilliant in it. We mean it, five stars guaranteed.

But who made the show?
Brite Theater (with support from Vanishing Point). The team on Deliverance is made up of Kolbrun Bjort, Rob Jones, Alisa Kalynova and Emily Carding.

Can I do it whenever I like?
No, this is a live event. You book for a certain date, we deliver to you between 6pm and 8pm on the date of your choice (a more specific time is given on the day). Once you’ve received your delivery the performance starts. It is about 90 minutes to two hours in duration. Just like being in the theatre, really. Except you don’t need to put your shoes on.

Can I do it wherever I like?
We made it especially so that you can do it in your home, we don’t recommend doing it anywhere else. It’s cold out there!

Hang on, between 6pm and 8pm I get the delivery, why the open timeframe?
Because we need time to get the delivery to each audience/participant each evening, meaning we might start with you or you might be last to receive your parcel depending on our route.

Can my whole household do it at the same time?
No, one ticket - one performance. This is a show made for one. However, if more than one person in a household has booked in for the same performance we will give you separate time slots for delivery, meaning you’re doing it on the same night but not exactly the same time.

I don’t live in Glasgow or Edinburgh, so I can’t take part?
Because there is a delivery as part of the performance we are limiting participants to the two cities for now. However, if you live in outlying areas of the two cities you can book for one of two performances - 7th of November at 6pm if you live close to Edinburgh, 28th of November at 6pm if you live close to Glasgow. Delivery will be different for these performances, bookers will receive more information closer to the time.

Can’t I just rock up (meaning book last minute)?
No, we need to get everything ready for you so we can deliver. Therefore sales for each performance will end at 2pm on the day. For the outlying areas performances sales will end midday 3 days before (3rd and 24th).

I’m sick of screens, why should I book for this?
Us too. But fear not. Deliverance is not a zoom, streamed, digital, VR or filmed performance. You will need a phone for a phone call but that is the end of your tech requirements. This is a live theatre performance, so though it may seem experimental it is actually super old school.

When you say there is limited ticket availability do you really mean limited?
Yes, this is not a marketing ploy, we honestly have very few tickets per show so please make sure to book to avoid disappointment.

It’s close to Halloween, is this show scary?
No, we love scary experiences as much as the next person but this show would not be described as horror, thriller, gory or spooky. Unless you find the idea of spending some time with yourself scary?

What about triggers?
The age guideline is 12 plus for this show due to some of the content, but that is not to say there is cause for alarm. We believe in the magic of surprise but if you have something you know will trigger you and you’re worried this performance might set you off, please don’t hesitate to ask. Drop us a line on

What exactly am I getting for my money?
A unique live experience, delivered to your door made by award winning theatre makers. And you get to keep what is in your parcel. Plus, you support a small local theatre company. Sweet!