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Miserden Estate, Stroud

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£10.68 - £21.35

Open air theatre in the garden at Miserden Estate.

The performance will not be affected by the recent Govt announcement that limits social gatherings to 6 people. This relates only to private social events, not professionally organised events that apply social distancing regulations as set out in the Govt guidelines for theatre performances.

Kick In The Head follow up recent successes with Old Herbaceous, Three Men in a Boat and Wind in the Willows with a new play about Sir John Falstaff…a rogue, a philanderer and a glutton, but also one of Shakespeare’s greatest and enduring comic creations.

In this new comedy by Simon Downing we find Falstaff, played by Giles Shenton (Old Herbaceous & Three Men in a Boat) in his bedroom in the Boars Head being nursed by Mistress Quickly, played by Suzanna Walters (Choice Grenfell).

The creditors arrive demanding payment. Will Falstaff resort to marrying Mistress Quickly in order to pay off his debts? Will he turn teetotal? Will he mellow in his old age? Find out the answers to all these important questions that Shakespeare never bothered to answer and join Falstaff for an evening of jollity, frivolity, a definite lack of coequality and more Shakespearean insults than ever previously heard on a theatrical stage!

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Miserden Estate



Written & directed by Simon Downing

Produced by Kick In The Head Theatre Productions

Doors open 2pm

Performance starts 3pm

Bring your own seating/blankets & picnics

On rare occasions, it may not be possible for us to complete the performance, but we will never cancel a performance before the advertised start time. It can often rain all day and then clear up just in time for the performance to start. We also really don't want to disappoint anyone - audiences or our actors (who are always keen to perform, if at all possible).

While we will make every effort to complete each show, we reserve the right to stop and start the show as necessary.

Shows will only ever be cancelled or abandoned in the event of bad weather, where such weather is deemed by either the theatre company or the venue to pose a health and safety risk. In any case, shows will never be cancelled before their advertised starting time.

We will not delay the start time of a show for more than 1 hour.

If a show is cancelled on account of the weather, we will announce this at the time of cancellation at the venue. We do not communicate cancellations to patrons who did not come to the venue or who have already left the venue.

Once the performance has started there will be no refunds if the event then has to be cancelled due to the weather.


Kick In The Head

Kick In The Head is a joint venture between Andrew Brewis, Simon Downing and Giles Shenton. Between them they have over 95 years experience working in professional theatre and music, including West End shows, national touring productions and performance management. This experience covers everything including performance, direction, writing and production management. Current Touring Productions - Old Herbaceous; Fagin?; Three Men in a Boat; Choice Grenfell; My Dog's Got No Nose; Now Here's a Funny Story; You're The Top (Tribute to Cole Porter)