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How many international creatives does it take to make a new idea a reality - well let's see on Tue 28th July from 6pm when we welcome members of the Producers' Pool to think Europe, International, Global - and explore ideas of collaboration and future planning.  "What do we need?" - new ideas, and time/partners to make old ideas happen in a new world.  "What can you offer ?" - maybe a new partnership, a contact in a new country, a way we could work together globally in the cloud without ecological impact.  Let's meet and talk.

Producers' Pool is open to all aspiring and established producers. It has 550 participants who have studied in, worked in, or have a passion for making theatre in the UK.  We meet with whoever is available on the last Tuesday of the month.  We have extra members who are marketing and fundraising specialists, or casting directors. Members working in buildings, running their own companies, lecturing in the craft of theatre, and those early career practitioners who are ready to change the world.  Please join us. 

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details will be sent after you've booked a slot

details will be sent after you've booked a slot


We open the space at 5.30pm to allow people to meet as they arrive.  You can slip in or leave at anytime you need.  We tackle the main topic from 6.15ish to 7.15ish, and then have a further breakout time to allow people to discuss ideas futher and grab a (virtual or real) drink.  End 8pm.


The Zoom link will be sent Monday 27th early evening.  If you have not had the link by Tue 28th morning please check your spam/junk folders and then email [email protected] for a new link if needed.  Thanks



CGO works as a facilitator, coaching, producing, and teaching organisation working with UK and international theatre practitioners. We are based in Blackness, Edinburgh and London