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Onilne Via Zoom,

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Although Shakespeare’s plays were written 400 years ago, we all still recognise and study them!

During our 4 week 'Shakespeare Zone' workshop we dive into the stories, scenes, facts, characters, and events of some of the most loved Shakespeare plays. And the best part is that we bring these workshop to you, via Zoom!

First one to go is... MACBETH! A play about withcraft and ambition!

What to expect, amongst other:

* Introduction to Shakespearean language and rythm

* Age appropiate analysis of the play, characters, and key scenes

* Lessons infused with videos and pictures from famous perfomances 

* Work on monologues and scenes 




Pricing and availability

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Onilne Via Zoom




-Theatre workshop for ages 11-15

-Reserve your place and then we'll send you an email with the reccurent Zoom link 48hours before the first session. 



‘Arteach’ is a music & drama education service boutique, based in London, that aims for outstanding quality tuition, workshops, after schools clubs, and special events. As Einstein said, the highest level of creativity unfolds through play, and that's what we do; we use interactive, customised, and enjoyable music and drama exercises to make learning a memorable experience. With imaginative lesson plans, unique teachers, special events, and competitive rates, our aim is to provide the best music and drama tuition.