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Each month Producers' Pool members (or which there are now 500+) gather to explore the challenges of being a producer, the collaborations that are possible, the ideas for the future and two questions: "What can you offer?" and "What do you need?".  At times we explore a theme and this month on 30th June we will be looking at Future Audiences - and especially what can we be doing now that could be useful when we are presenting work once again, on the ground.  How can we harness the cloud-based engagement with our work and our industry. How can we help each other and arrive in a new world ready for action.

Panelists: Chloé Nelkin and Emma Martin on Tue 30th June 6pm. There will be plenty of time to share thoughts, questions, concerns, and solutions between the Panel and the members. 

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details will be sent after you've booked a slot

details will be sent after you've booked a slot



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