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Friday, 29th May

£1.07 - £6.41

Just before the world changed I wrote a blog and have just been invited to turn it into a workshop. What better time than a cuppa, some cake and a Zoom meet at 4pm on a Friday. This is a workshop and Q&A designed for anyone who needs to market or fundraise for their theatre/arts/creative events - and doesn't have a Mktg/Development department. But is may also be for the CEO of a big arts organisation who just wants to get back to basics and wonder how to inspire their team or their board with cake and a nudge.  It is designed to be explored during lockdown/isolation as we begin to prepare for the new dawn

This is part of the build up to the CGO Institute Diploma in Creative Producing course beginning November 2020

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details will be sent after you've booked a slot

details will be sent after you've booked a slot

My thanks to Anna Grady, fundraiser and daughter, for the chocolate cake analogy which she was taught by someone else.

This is a Zoom platform event. I aim to keep it light with breakout time so that it is not a fixed screen, too tiring process. 

You are welcome to record the session to review later. I will create a feedback and a Helpful Hints sheet after the event

If you need any access support that I can help with to make this session easier for you, please let me know [email protected]

Children and animals welcome in/out of the zoom eye line. 

Book a ticket and then I will send a Zoom link the day before.  



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