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£1.07 - £6.41

An opportunity to explore with Will Scarnell (England), Christina Sturken (USA), Suzie Normand (Scotlamd) (production manager) and other creatives the process of working with a Production Manager and engaging the key members of the creative team.  What does a PM do?, When should they be invoved?, How do they balance work with the Producer?, Choosing the creative team, timelines, and production to opening.  

As always the event will also have time for you to meet each other and share challenges, problems, what you need and what you can offer to others in this 500 strong collection of producers across multiple countries and regions. 

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details will be sent after you've booked a slot'

details will be sent after you've booked a slot'


We use Zoom in this lockdown time.   I understand that this environment can be overused, and we try to allow space and time for small conversations and real connections.  Book a ticket here and the Zoom invitation will be sent the day before the event.



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