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£2.00 - £7.00


Art and a Hot Guest provides online weekly drawing classes for all levels. These 45 minute sessions are a great way to develop your drawing techniques as well as taking that well deserved time to yourself to relax and explore something creative. 

When? Thursdays, 7-7:45PM

For who? Everyone! These classes are designed to suit all skill levels.

What do I need to bring? Paper, pencil, pens, eraser and sometimes the odd ruler or crayon. 

How much? Between £2-£5  -- you choose how much you'd like to donate.



'I never thought I could draw and so never enjoyed it. But Stella's teaching is so rich and full of amazing tips that I genuinely noticed a difference. It's also just really fun, something different and really relaxing. Perfect to do during lockdown and pandemic life. Can't wait for it to come back!'  - Laura

'As a creative who struggles to draw stickmen...Stella’s teaching is exciting, concise and calming.   She encourages you to explore shape, movement and texture whilst having fun and also having time to yourself. She is a marvellous, art teaching wizard and I would jump at another class tomorrow!' - Sophie

‘I was always rubbish at art and because of that I never really had much interest in doing it. I always thought if my art teachers at school couldn't make me better then that was it, there's no point trying. I went along to Stella's class as something to do at the start of lockdown and ended up loving it and I saw myself improve so much over the months! She's the best art teacher I've ever had, I cannot recommend her enough.’ - Gordon

‘We had the pleasure of Stella providing a fantastic one hour online art tutorial for our team. Stella’s class delivers the perfect balance between a structured tutorial and an opportunity for the team to spend time enjoying each other’s company in a relaxed atmosphere. The class was perfect for every level and we were all amazed at what we were able to draw following some excellent guidance and tips. The whole team had a great time, learnt a lot and would highly recommend to anyone!’  - Ed, Bain & Company



Watercolour Wednesdays are a series of lessons for beginners. Together we will explore the wonderful world of watercolours in a relaxed, calming, creative setting. 

When? Wednesdays, 7-8:00PM

For who? Beginners

What do I need to bring? A couple of different sized brushes, watercolour paint, watercolour paper, palette

How much? Between £4-£7 --- you choose how much you wish to donate.



Email: [email protected]




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Stella will contact you with the relevant online link.


Anyone who wants to draw. Unfortunately the class is currently only suitable to hearing individuals.


Zoo Co

Zoo Co is an award-winning theatre company creating powerful, playful productions which have performed to audiences across the UK and around the world. All of our performance are Relaxed Performances so everyone gets to feel comfortable in a theatre. Our casts and creative teams include artists who are d/Deaf, disabled, neuro-diverse, hearing, non-disabled or neuro-typical. A lot of our work is accessible for d/Deaf audiences, using Creative Captioning and integrated British Sign Language. We strongly believe in the power of engagement and that everyone should be able to participate. We believe that theatre is better when everybody is invited.