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£2.00 - £5.00

Simple and fun exercises to improve your drawing skills. No previous experience or fancy arts material needed. Bring some paper and some different material to draw/paint with (could be ANYTHING – I have used potpourri and squeegees in the past, so there’s no right or wrong) and let’s get drawing!

Who is it for? 12+ years

Email address: [email protected]

What animal you'd be in a zoo and why?: A penguin! What’s not to love about snow, swimming, friends and fish?! They’ve got life all figured out!

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Stella will contact you with the relevant online link.


Anyone who wants to draw. Unfortunately the class is not suitable for deaf people (I can’t do BSL!)


Zoo Co

Zoo Co is an award-winning theatre company creating powerful, playful productions which have performed to audiences across the UK and around the world. All of our performance are Relaxed Performances so everyone gets to feel comfortable in a theatre. Our casts and creative teams include artists who are d/Deaf, disabled, neuro-diverse, hearing, non-disabled or neuro-typical. A lot of our work is accessible for d/Deaf audiences, using Creative Captioning and integrated British Sign Language. We strongly believe in the power of engagement and that everyone should be able to participate. We believe that theatre is better when everybody is invited.