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£1.07 - £6.41

Producers' Pool has over 500 members spread across the UK and the Globe at the moment, making theatre and planning to make projects happen in the UK and internationally. It is a perfect time to encourage conversations around our two key questions: - 'what do you need?' right now which someone else across the membership might be able to offer, and 'what can you offer?' the network and each other.  These remain the themes underlying every meeting.

At the 6pm Tue 28th April meeting will welcome everyone to Zoom for updates and broad discussion. Then we will invite you to break into groups based on geographic locations to discuss the two key questions - what do you need and what can you offer. The aim is to facilitate smaller networks which could form part of Producers' Pool in the future.  After the breakouts we will return and share findings and actions. [These are future-looking meetings rather than reviews of the state we are in exactly now...let's aim for 90% virus free]

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Thanks to Caron Jane Lyon for guiding me through Zoom and managing the process behind her screens, and to Josh Foyster who is workingw ith me as a virtual Placement from Mountview on the development of Producers' Pool.

For anyone needing access support please let me know and if we can help we will.  If you need Zoom set up in a particular way, or some helpful way of running the meeting which could be useful, please let me know.  I suspect you are the expert on your own needs, and what could help. Don't presume I will have thought of it.  Thanks.  [email protected]

We create a quiet room in the Zoom structure and we have a route offsite to take questions or any concerns via our system admin created by Caro Lyon. 

I also welcome recommendations for the future, when we will look to run on-the-ground and in-the-cloud meetings without the challenges of isolation. [email protected]


Do I need Zoom ? - you don't NEED to have it downloaded but it gets a better experience for you.  Takes a moment, and we will send a helpful guide for anyone who can't work out how to do it.

Why Charge - everything online is free ? There is a two tier charge mindful that CGO has to cover some costs to manage PP, but that available cash for those not on salary is very scarce.  If CGO was a funded body or generating income from Memberships, then this would be free - but Membership of Producers' Pool is free and then you pay a small charge for each event.  Hopefully £1 or £5 feel small enough.

Please send me any other questions and I will update FAQ as needed.




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