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Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Studios, London

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Marika Hedemyr & Ingrid Cogne introduce their book Dansbaren - The Mob without Flash and lead a discussion. A light lunch will be provided for free.

Goldsmiths Seminar Room

Dansbaren — The Mob without Flash is a tool that spurs dialogue and thought, giving you long-lasting inspiration! A publication on art, bodies, politics and self organisation; it’s an essential knowledge base for critical thinking and reflections on working as an artist in general, and as a dance artist in particular.

This publication consists of two parts: a book dedicated to critical thinking in the field of dance, choreography and self organisation, and a tablecloth printed with topics for discussion. It unfolds complex issues in an easy-to-use way, literally putting dance discourse on the table. Edited by Ingrid Cogne and Marika Hedemyr. Published by the Swedish artist-run platform Dansbyrån.

Based on artistic practice, the chapters cover topics of dialogue formats, power relations, aesthetics, self-organisation, sharing knowledge, appropriating language, artistic practice itself, history making and feedback methods.

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Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Studios

Deptford Church Street





With texts by Ingrid Cogne, Marika Hedemyr, Per Herngren, Paula de Hollanda, David Karlsson, Rani Nair, Paula Tuovinen, Lis Hellström Sveningson.

With contributions by Kate Elswit, Johanna Gustavsson, Lena Hammergren, Myriam Mazzoni, Cecilia Malmström Olsson, Bodil Persson, Moa Matilda Sahlin.



H2DANCE is choreographer/ performer duo Hanna Gillgren (SE) and Heidi Rustgaard (NO), working between Norway, Sweden and the UK since 1999. Fest en Fest is an international festival of expanded choreography initiated and curated by H2DANCE and produced by Natalie Richardson from Konzept Arts & Ideas. This is a new concept making space for artists and audiences to come together and present live works and ideas, to discuss, provoke, influence and be a force for change. Through performances, talks, lunches and parties, H2DANCE present a programme of UK & Nordic artists working across dance & performance.