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Cobalt Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne

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Chilled life drawing in a relaxed environment. No judgement, no pressure, no teacher - just nice music and drawings. A changing array of models taking inspiration from classic art, yoga and contemporary dance.

Bring with you pens/ chalk/ pencils etc and sketchbook and paper, we provide drawing boards

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Cobalt Studios

Boyd Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


We are a wheel user friendly and safe space for all

Can I pay on the door? We used to do this but recently its been so busy that we have decided to make it ONLY advance tickets so that we can manage numbers. 

What do I need to bring? Bring pretty much everything you need; we have some scrap paper here and we have boards to lean on, but we don’t provide art materials.

What can I buy at Cobalt? We have a fully stocked bar with a carefully thought about range of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and hot drinks. Cobalt is not-for-profit and currently voluntarily run, all drinks

Can I eat at Cobalt? We plan to bring in basic snacks, eg toasties etc ……for the time being though its best to order food at, its our sister business (our day jobs!)  just a few doors down and its fine to bring takeout food from there in with you.

What kind of models do you use? Wherever possible we strive to book all sorts of models to ensure a wide variety, but we can only work with the people who approach us so if you know of unusual models please tell them to get in touch.

Do I need experience? Absolutely not – we aren’t looking at what you do, we are just providing a nice relaxed environment for you to have a go in.

What is Cobalt like? Cobalt is a DIY arts space, with artists’ studios upstairs and a venue downstairs. Its colourful and the lighting in the space is relaxed and ambient. This is the opposite of life drawing in a bright white space.

What else should I do at Cobalt?Pick up our programme while you are here, there is loads on and all support helps to strengthen our sustainability and our future!


Cobalt Studios

Cobalt consists of 14 artists studios, an arts venue, a top floor hot design space in development (grants pending!) and a backyard with loads of potential for a point in the future when the main building is finished. Cobalt Studios is a not for profit arts community interest organisation that we set up to nurture and support culture and community. We do this by providing the following services; • Access to affordable or free space for artists/organisations on low incomes to nurture and safeguard cultural endeavour • Access to audiences for affordable or free cultural activity • Providing education activities • Providing apprenticeship and training opportunities as well as the creation of voluntary posts and jobs