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Theatro Technis, London

Tuesday, 7 Apr - Saturday, 2 May

£12.00 - £16.00

LGW productions are delighted to bring to the stage the fascinating story of composer and conductor Gustav Mahler Written by the New York Writer Gay Walley and Directed by Leah Townley. Rehearsals commence in March 2020 where the cast will use ensemble work, clowning and mask to bring together a truly exciting piece of theatre, investigating the intellectual and artistic landscape of late 19th century Vienna. The story explores the theories of Sigmund Freud, who Mahler met, together with Mahler’s approach to composing and how this might have physically manifested itself. This includes a focus on his relationship with his wife Alma, an amazing woman and composer in her own right. The play cleverly contrasts the role of women in the 19th century with the character of the female Writer in the contemporary scenes. The design will be sleek and simple, to aid with fluid transitions. The cast will remain on stage to create an ensemble feeling. We will demarcate the historical and modern-day scenes but will repeatedly undermine them – switching places and allowing the audience to be part of the joke when the cast find their belongings in the wrong place! Mahler’s music will form an integral part of the rhythm of the show, using a grand piano on stage to connect with the audience and strongly influence the mood. The show will run from Tuesday 7th April to Saturday 2nd May 2020 at Theatro Technis, London.

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Theatro Technis

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Theatro Technis

Theatro Technis has 62 years of supporting community arts and international theatre that includes the Ancient Greek classics, Political Theatre, new writing, and children’s theatre. Future Technis strives to give opportunities for new companies and youth development. Creating a new In-house artistic nucleus and production company.