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Cobalt Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne

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£10.68 - £12.81

Sublime acoustic music, limited places, candlelight, lanterns, no power at all, cash only. No whirrs, whizzes or distractions – just distilled music in an intimate environment.

Following the success of our first OFFGRID we are delighted to let you know that The Unthanks have agreed to take to the candlelit stage and grace us with their crystal clear unaccompanied harmony and beautiful, magical and at times haunting stories.

Supported by Thomas Dixon on saxophone, Ben Fitzgerald on drums and Tom Alcorn on trumpet for a completely improvised, acoustic set. There are no rules, no boundaries. Anything could happen.

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Cobalt Studios

Boyd Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


We are a wheel user friendly and safe space for all

Why do I need to bring cash? Because a card machine works with power, ideally we will turn off ALL power - and all drinks sales really help! 

Will you be operating a full bar? There will be some restrictions to our offer because many drinks rely on ice

Can I bring a torch? Only if its solar powered!

Will the toilets be lit? We think that they will also be candle lit –but we still need to trial run this event and we want to buy in as few extra candles and as few extra holders as we can, otherwise we compromise the point of this night, we are looking to reduce not to add. 

Will there be food? If the weather permits we will offer some fire-cooked food, watch the event for details. 


Cobalt Studios

Cobalt consists of 14 artists studios, an arts venue, a top floor hot design space in development (grants pending!) and a backyard with loads of potential for a point in the future when the main building is finished. Cobalt Studios is a not for profit arts community interest organisation that we set up to nurture and support culture and community. We do this by providing the following services; • Access to affordable or free space for artists/organisations on low incomes to nurture and safeguard cultural endeavour • Access to audiences for affordable or free cultural activity • Providing education activities • Providing apprenticeship and training opportunities as well as the creation of voluntary posts and jobs