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The Room Above, Bristol

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Would you pay over £6000 to sit in the middle of the Nevada desert for a week, in summer, without any water provided? In this live character comedy documentary, Ben Macpherson: Burning Man takes you to the heart of the Nevada desert to the infamous burning Man festival where you will meet the tens of thousands who do just that. In this hilarious carousel of characters you follow one documentarians search for truth. In this show, described as a meditation retreat run by the league of gentlemen, you will meet a host of vivid and surreal faces. You can expect to meet Noel Salamander 6ft tall Lizard tech mogul, Glouis Theroux, the worlds stickiest investigative journalist and Mr Whippy, Glasweigan kinkster and ice cream enthusiast, plus many more.

From the bizzare brain of Ben Macpherson, this show seemlessly blends character, sketch and improv together into a riotous and heartfelt romp. 


Audiences Have Said


"“So honest, super funny, very poignant”

“A nice bit of grit amidst wonderful bizzarity”

“It was superb; weirder and funnier, with a cutting edge I want to hear more of!”


Ben Macpherson has been creating comedy since 2011. In 2016 he took his debut solo show The Fall of Byron Montrose to Edinburgh for a sellout run. He created cult hit By Myself in 2017. His latest solo show Burning Man debuted at the Nottingham Comedy Festival in 2019. Ben is also a performs teaches and directs with MissImp, a 20 year old improv community in Nottingham.

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The Room Above

Saint Michael's Hill



Written and Performed by Ben Macpherson


Unfortunately The Room Above is not an accessible venue for those with mobility issues. For more information please visit 

Late comers may not be admitted. Tickets are non refundable.


Ben Macpherson

For nearly 10 years Ben Macpherson has been making comedy and theatre. More recently he’s started performing poetry too and once in a blue moon he puts a recipe video up as well