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Cobalt Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne

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In a mind-boggling episode of lactose noise, industrial spandex, technicolour makeup, raw costume, set design, musically interactive sculpture and projections BODYVICE will be unlike anything you have experienced before.

This is the new project of performance artist , costumier, provocateur and musician. Natalie Sharp (aka The Lone Taxidermist) , anointed , “queen of New Weird Britain” by The Quietus’ John Doran. Sharp’s stellar support team includes flautist Tida Bradshaw, filmmaker Matt Watkins and sound artist Tara Pattenden (Phantom Chips) who has helped her to create a battery of electronic micro-controller ‘skinstruments’.

With support from musical drag duo Shirley Mann and Leroy McSex who will create a bespoke performance piece and katie Oswell who combines zither, electronics, found artefacts and soprano voice.

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Cobalt Studios

Boyd Street

Newcastle upon Tyne



Cobalt Studios

Cobalt consists of 14 artists studios, an arts venue, a top floor hot design space in development (grants pending!) and a backyard with loads of potential for a point in the future when the main building is finished. Cobalt Studios is a not for profit arts community interest organisation that we set up to nurture and support culture and community. We do this by providing the following services; • Access to affordable or free space for artists/organisations on low incomes to nurture and safeguard cultural endeavour • Access to audiences for affordable or free cultural activity • Providing education activities • Providing apprenticeship and training opportunities as well as the creation of voluntary posts and jobs