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Cobalt Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne

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‘neo classical compositions and contemporary trad folk re-imagined'


A gentle start to our new season of #FRESH showcasing new compositions from two young and exciting musicians


Every Thursday FRESH showcases the best in new music by emerging and more established musicians served up with simple, home cooked evening meal. Sometimes its pizza, veggie burger, falafal, chilli - that kind of thing. With advance notice we can do vegan options too.


These gigs are generally very chilled, seating is on sofas and around tables,Come down, enjoy/support new music and get your evening meal sorted.


Benjamin Fitzgerald

Multi instrumentalist neo-classical composer from the North East of England. His rare style of composition incorporates an eclectic mix of transcendent strings, surrealism and a plethora of inspirations spanning modern jazz through electronica.


AFOSS Brightly

Contemporary trad meets aesthetic electronica. Live looping, Djing, Multi-instrumental journey through original body of work, exploring emotional expression in modern music.


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Cobalt Studios

Boyd Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


We are wheel user friendly and a safe space for all


What is the deal with food?

If you buy your ticket in advance it also includes dinner. Our food is all homemade, its fresh, tasty and relatively wholesome most of the time, we cook one dish for all and our dishes range from pizza to veggie burger, falafal, chilli, curries, roast veg dishes etc . We do veggie and vegan choices, our cooking is mainly gluten free or at least still a decent meal without the gluten element, please let us know if you have specific allergies. We are a very small, mainly voluntarily team


What’s the deal with the music?

Fresh showcases new music of all genres, it ranges from alt folk, to classical to jazz or singer songwriter. Its generally well suited to a Thursday night, ie chilled and relaxed music suitable for seated gigs. We are careful to select high quality music most gigs showcase one local act alongside a national touring act.

Can I still have food if I forget to buy an advance ticket?
Food is only included with tickets that were purchased in advance (this is a DIY hands on project and we can only cater for those who buy in advance otherwise we risk wastage). Occasionally we have extra that we can serve to people that have bought tickets on the door – but we can’t guarantee this.

How much are tickets on the door?
Tickets on the door are available for £8.00 and do not include food   

What are the times for the event?
The door are 6.30pm and there will be board games in the venue while you wait for you food, which be served before 8.00pm. The music starts at 8.00pm and runs  until somewhere between 9.30-10pm depending on how many acts are on.


How else can I support FRESH?

Fresh has been developed as a platform to give new music an opportunity to be seen and heard, we offer the dinner as a way to build community and also as an incentive to come and try music that you might not have heard of before, we try to balance the very low ticket price of £8 with paying musicians as fairly as we are able, they currently don’t add up and we generally loose money. So …….if you ever want to make additional donations you’d be very welcome!! But most importantly please help us to spread the word, all social media and word of mouth sharing really helps us, as does encouraging your friends to come out. WE need each event to have between 40-50 people attending before they start to make sense!


Cobalt Studios

Cobalt consists of 14 artists studios, an arts venue, a top floor hot design space in development (grants pending!) and a backyard with loads of potential for a point in the future when the main building is finished. Cobalt Studios is a not for profit arts community interest organisation that we set up to nurture and support culture and community. We do this by providing the following services; • Access to affordable or free space for artists/organisations on low incomes to nurture and safeguard cultural endeavour • Access to audiences for affordable or free cultural activity • Providing education activities • Providing apprenticeship and training opportunities as well as the creation of voluntary posts and jobs