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Platform, London

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£3.00 - £20.00

This is a time capsule.
It is an attempt to capture who we are.
We’re ma
king it so we can be remembered exactly as we are right now. 

Because right now might be the best it ever gets.

A group of teenagers try to preserve who they are right now, a few years before the end of the world.

EVERYTHING is a work in progress created by 17 teenagers aged 14-18 and the directors of Company Three's five-star Brainstorm (Park Theatre, National Theatre and BBC iPlayer).

We are creating this play through a series of draft productions. Previously performed as The Best Day Ever! at the Pleasance Theatre in 2019, it explores what we’re made of, how we’re connected and how we might save ourselves for an uncertain future.

Audience Feedback for The Best Day Ever:

“One of the most joyful shows I’ve seen in ages. Authentic, honest storytelling full of humour and passion. The real deal.”

“Another teenaged triumph for @company_three: a funny, fast-paced, fiercely felt & very moving message for the future, if we have one.”
@ jonathanwakeham

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N7 7EE

Created by
Ned Glasier, Emily Lim and the company.

Performed by
Nicima Abdi, Kezia Adewale, Inaayat Chowdhury, Cherie Duah, James-Leon Gallacher, Shyhiem Hossain-Heath, Kye Howard, Jack Hughes, Renee Jean-Charles, Jaekwan Hunte-Jarrett, Alannah Makoni, Jake Monib, Aaliyah Murrian, Abigail Phillips-Douglas, Isobel Burrows, Bailey Smith & Kadiesat Turay.

Assistant Director
Amber Evans

Design Consultant
Jemima Robinson

Sound Designer
Elena Peña

Lighting Designer
Jessica Bernberg

Production Manager
Michael Cunningham

Stage Manager
Tanya Stephenson

Deputy Stage Manager
Angie Peña Arenas

Production Photography
Camilla Greenwell

The building is fully wheelchair accessible. 


Company Three