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Beneath Our Feet - Cheddar Caves

Gough's Cave, Cheddar Gorge, Cheddar

Friday, 4 May - Sunday, 6 May

£12.06 - £13.12

“Come, take care, leave your fear up there…”

For tens of thousands of years, people have ventured underground in order to experience something out of the ordinary: to take shelter, create, hide, escape, or do something they should not be doing. Join us at Gough's Cave, Cheddar Gorge, as we gather for our own extraordinary expedition; a journey to find the most important thing.

Devised in collaboration with a steering group of archaeologists, geologists, historians, cavers and former miners, Beneath Our Feet is a promenade performance that will use dance and live music to tell the story of the underground. Your guide, musician Lou Vilstrup, will draw you into an unknown world, where the memories and secrets of Gough's Cave will dance before you.

Beneath Our Feet is the most recent work by award-winning dance company Made By Katie Green, who specialise in making dance performance work for museums and heritage sites. With original music by Max Perryment and Lou Vilstrup (Dear Joy) and new writing by Anna Selby.

“Stunning evocative performance by Made By Katie Green at Kents Cavern tonight. Live music, storytelling, dance, sound, theatre in a 385 million year old venue. Wonderful.” 

“Beneath Our Feet at Kents Cavern was fantastic, atmospheric, eerie and brilliant!”

- Audience feedback from Beneath Our Feet performances at Kents Cavern, Torquay.

See the full project creation journey on our website>>

Created with support from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

With thanks to our partners at Cheddar Gorge and with support from Cheddar Arts Fringe Festival, for making this possible

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Directed by Katie Green 

Choreography by Katie Green in collaboration with dancers Henry Curtis, Megan Griffiths and Lucy Starkey

Music composed and performed by Max Perryment and Lou Vilstrup

Writing by Anna Selby

Costume design by Sarah Dicks

Lighting design and production management by Nic Prior

Produced by Kate McStraw

Dramaturgy by Tom Cornford

Strategic Consultant Claire Morton

Photography by Pari Naderi

Performances are approximately 50 minutes in duration 

No latecomers

No refunds or exchanges 

Age guidance age 8+ due to the nature of walking/standing for approximately 50 minutes, and two moments of blackout (where the cave is in pitch darkness for a couple of moments) 

Audiences are required to walk and stand throughout, as they follow the action around the caves - it is not possible to bring fold-up chairs into the space unless you contact us in advanced to make arrangements for your access needs. Full access details on our website>>. 

Please wear sturdy footwear - trainers or walking boots - you will not be granted access in open-toed footwear 

A full performance access details is avaliable on our website>>

The accessibility & safety guide for Cheddar Gorge, is available via their website>>

Please contact us should you require any further information, require these in another format, or would like to discuss your access requirements further, please contact our Producer Kate McStraw via [email protected] or call 07792377106. 

Gough's Cave, Cheddar Gorge


BS27 3QF

Made by Katie Green

Made By Katie Green is a contemporary dance company developing new ways of responding to historical artefacts and heritage sites through dance. Working collaboratively with a range of artists, we create stories that bring our shared past to life in new ways, and engage a broad audience, including those who are new to dance.