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Cobalt Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne

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An evening of contemporary classical music and reimagined traditional Eastern European folk.

FRESH = new music and homemade food

6.30pm doors, dinner, board games

8pm music

£8 adv Dinner + gig

£8 door -gig only

Fran and Flora have been delicately navigating the question of authenticity: together they've spent years developing a sound which is simultaneously

reverent to the traditions they have been studying as well as deeply personal, resulting in 2019’s ‘Unfurl’. They have collaborated with many ground-breaking artists including Talvin Singh (Mercury Prize Winner), Sam Lee & Friends (BBC Folk Award winner), Hejira, Dunajska Kapelye, the London Klezmer Quartet, Cosmo Sheldrake and Frank London (Klezmatics, US)


Blair Coron is a musician and composer residing in Glasgow blending the borders between contemporary classical music, ambience, folk and poetry. With the aid of his string ensemble accompanying his piano compositions, Blair’s primary intention is to create enchanting atmospheres that sets course for introspection and meditation.

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Cobalt Studios

Boyd Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


We are a wheel user friendly and safe space for all

Can I still have food if I forget to buy an advance ticket?
Food is only included with tickets that were purchased in advance (this is a DIY hands on project and we can only cater for those who buy in advance)

How much are tickets on the door?
Tickets on the door are available for £8.00 and do not include food   

What are the times for the event?
The door are 6.30pm and there will be board games in the venue while you wait for you food, which be served before 8.00pm. The music usually starts at 8.00pm and run till rougly 11.00pm.  


Cobalt Studios

Cobalt consists of 14 artists studios, an arts venue, a top floor hot design space in development (grants pending!) and a backyard with loads of potential for a point in the future when the main building is finished. Cobalt Studios is a not for profit arts community interest organisation that we set up to nurture and support culture and community. We do this by providing the following services; • Access to affordable or free space for artists/organisations on low incomes to nurture and safeguard cultural endeavour • Access to audiences for affordable or free cultural activity • Providing education activities • Providing apprenticeship and training opportunities as well as the creation of voluntary posts and jobs