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Hackney City Tennis Clubs, London

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Yin Yoga is a quiet, reflective practice which can help you to look inwards. Practicing floor - based postures, often with the use of props to support the body. This can help to leave you feeling grounded, calmer and like you have stretched the fascia and connective tissue passively but deeply, enabling you to feel less stressed and experience better sleep.

Yin is great if you are menopausal (peri or post) and experiencing hot flushes, headaches, or insomnia as it is a cooling practice and all these symptoms originate from an excess of heat (yang) in the body.

Yin is also good for improving flexibility. Unlike other forms of yoga which excercise the muscles yin works deep into the fascia and joints.

No previous experience nessecary.

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Hackney City Tennis Clubs

Queen Elizabeth's Walk


N16 0BF

Guide dogs welcome, there is a lift to the first floor making this workshop accessible to wheelchair users, please e mail me if you have any other quories about accessibility.

If you are running late you may still attend but once upstairs please if we are meditating or in a posture enter quietly and find a seat - we will find props for you once the meditation or posture is finishes.