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Smart Materials

The Television Workshop,

Monday, 19 Feb


This is a comedy show about the future of stuff. In years to come, we will be living in self-regulating houses, riding self-fixing bicycles, and driving on self-illuminating roads, all thanks to smart materials. These are metals, plastics, fabrics and fluids that react to the outside world without any human involvement, and they promise to change the way we live our lives forever. In this one hour show, award-winning materials scientist, engineer and stand-up comedian Dr Anna Ploszajski will be your guide on the smart material safari. There will be demonstrations of the smart materials that exist today, and exploration on how they will make the material world around us smarter tomorrow. Expect to see matter doing things you’ve never seen it do before! 

“Anna is a true original, an impressive talent. She is a fantastic performer who brings a fresh approach to materials science. Entertaining and enlightening in equal measure.” - Professor Mark Miodownik

“Anna is almost unique in the UK; a young woman in engineering who's accomplished and intelligent but also hilarious, brave and willing to challenge orthodoxies in amazing ways. Oh, and she can do it all on stage too.” – Dr Steve Cross

This event is proudly part of Nottingham’s Festival of Science & Curiosity 2018.

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The Television Workshop

Canal Street


Anna Ploszajski

Anna Ploszajski is an award winning materials scientist and stand-up comedian.