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3, Queen Elizabeth's Walk, London

Thursday, 16 May


A Yin Yoga class with no talking (I will demonstrate physically how to get into the postures) to honour the Full Moon - just the sounds of singing bowl accompaniment. Stokey Yoga's dear friend Joe Garcia is joining Catrin Osborne and will be playing singing bowls to accompany this Yin Yoga Class.

Yin Yoga is a quiet, reflective practice which can help you to look inwards. Practicing floor - based postures, often with the use of props to support the body. This can help to leave you feeling grounded, calmer and like you have stretched the fascia and connective tissue passively but deeply, enabling you to feel less stressed and experience better sleep.

The venue - Clissold Park Tennis Pavillion is a magical space which overlooks Clissold Park and is warm and welcoming. Beginners are welcome as are advanced yoga practitioners.

Yin is great if you are menopausal (peri or post) and experiencing hot flushes, headaches, or insomnia as it is a cooling practice and all these symptoms originate from an excess of heat (yang) in the body.

Please feel free to e mail me, Catrin at [email protected] if you have any questions, need any more information or are unsure if this is suitable for you. Please do not message me via facebook.

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3, Queen Elizabeth's Walk

Stoke Newington



There is lift to first floor room. Wheelchair users welcome - please e mail me to let me know if you have addition requirments. Guide dog welcome.

If you are late feel free to join but if we are meditating please enter quietly.

Suitable for beginners.


If you ahve injuries or pre existing health conditions or are pregnant pleae let me know when you arrive or e mail me before so I can meet your needs.