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Collecting details about ticket buyers from them

By: Emily Thommes

On: Sunday, 23 Sep 2:56pm

Do you need to collect attendee names, free t shirt sizes or dietary requirements for a fun run or an interactive or personalised event? Our powerful system now allows you to ask questions for each ticket as part of a sale. Not only that, but you can assign different questions to different ticket types, choose whether questions are compulsory, and even ask people multiple choice questions or fill in their own answer.

This has recently come in handy for The Father Christmas Experience, where the organisers wanted to personalise their attendees’ experience and needed to know the name and ages of the children coming. However, they didn’t need to collect any details about an adult ticket so our system was just the ticket

If you’d like to set up something similar, or want to check if we can solve your problem, drop us an email at [email protected]

screenshot of creating a checkout survey