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Responsive box office

By: Oscar Wyatt

On: Thursday, 1 Mar 4:22pm

Emily and Oscar, Tickets Ignite's co-founders, are quite different people. Oscar, resident geek, loves data and spending time in the office looking at it while muttering 'that's interesting' to himself. Emily, on the other hand, is a bit more outgoing and is always either in or between meetings.

Separately, we noticed something that led to this post. Oscar saw that over half of our visitors use mobile devices while Emily saw that she wasn't alone in needing to do things 'on the go' and that producers and event organisers are constantly fitting things in while waiting for a train or a lift.

So, while revamping the box office to allow events to be sold via seat plans, we took the opportunity to completely redesign and rework the box office and event creating and editing pages.

You're now able to make changes to your event, such as adding performances and amending ticket prices from any device. You're also able to sell tickets, make reservations, issue refunds and check availability quickly and easily from anywhere, on anything, at any time.

Any feedback on the website? Let us know by contacting [email protected]

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