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Sales Report Revamp

By: Oscar Wyatt

On: Monday, 27 Nov 12:45pm

One thing we realised early in our user testing is that although having lots of data to trawl through in a sales report is important, most people don’t want to see all of it most of the time. In fact, we found that users were consistently looking at ‘headline figures’ such as how sales were going overall, or just for tonight’s performance. We also found a few people saying they just don’t have time to look through all the figures and that being able to get a quick overview of how it was selling and which performances were selling well would be really useful.

So, we revamped our PDF sales reports - now the first two pages include all the things we found that people want to see most of the time. We also made fancy, colourful pie charts and bar charts so that you can quickly and easily see how sales are going, the breakdown of how ticket types are selling as well as how sales are for every performance. For those that need it, the rest is all still there, just a little further down, with some added page breaks to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Pie charts showing how well the event has sold

We hope they prove useful, let us know if you have any thoughts or comments!

Tech stuff: Getting the graphs to render properly was an interesting challenge. The graphs are created with the incredible Chart.js and rendered with WickedPdf on a separate Sidekiq worker. After a bit of tinkering, the trick turned out to be setting a javascript_delay of 500ms when rendering the page so that Chart.js gets a chance to create the graphs before the page is rendered.

Bar chart showing how well each performance has sold