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Cancelling an event

By: Emily Thommes

On: Friday, 10 Aug 9:52am

Nobody wants to have to cancel an event but sometimes it’s necessary. We want to make every aspect of running an event as easy and as painless as possible, event when things don’t go to plan. That's why we’ve introduced a new feature to allow organisers to more easily cancel one, many, or all of their performances for their event.

If you have to cancel an event, simply click the link “Cancel” from your dashboard, select which performance(s) you have to cancel, type out a message which will be sent to everyone who has purchased or booked tickets for those performances and when you confirm, everyone will be notified and will automatically receive a full refund.

We’ve seen in the past that some organisers have processed refunds before cancelling an event, so we also made it possible to additionally email customers who have already received a refund.

If you have had to cancel an event just before it was due to happen, organisers you can now see the phone numbers of attendees in your attendee list and make the necessary phone calls to ensure your attendees know. Adding a phone number is optional for customers but around 77% of customers voluntarily add it.

iOS app

By: Oscar Wyatt

On: Wednesday, 11 Apr 11:19am

We're delighted to announce we have just released an iOS app - designed to make taking chip and pin and contactless cards as cheap an easy as humanly possible.

We know that being able to take card payments is a real boost to event organisers, especially given that card payments now account for more than half of transactions and customers appreciate the convenience. Contactless payments also take an average of just 12.5 seconds compared to 33.7 seconds for cash and that speed can really help clear a box office queue five minutes before the event is due to start.

When we began to research the best way to do this, we found that many providers try to lock you into expensive, long lasting contracts, with some costing as much as £900 over 18 months - before you've even taken a payment. For event organisers only running a few events a month or a small theatre constantly looking to find efficiencies - this is simply unaffordable.

That's why we created our app. It is fully integrated with iZettle, whose reader can be purchased as a one off payment of £59 and it can take chip and pin, contactless and Apple payments. Our charges are exactly the same and you won't be charged a penny more, from anyone, it really is just a case of buying an iZettle reader. The reader isn't locked to our app so you can also use the same reader to take payments at the bar or to sell additional merchandise separately.

The app is fully integrated with the website, simply log in as you would with our website and you can run your box office and start taking card payments. It runs on all modern iPhones and iPads and as the iZettle also has a battery, you can take payments absolutely anywhere.

To download the app, simply search for Tickets Ignite Box Office in the App Store. To use it with an iZettle reader, simply pop us an email at [email protected] or call 020 3633 5606 and we'll get everything set up for you.

Allocated seating

By: Oscar Wyatt

On: Wednesday, 21 Mar 11:20am

News klaxon!! We now offer allocated seating complete with a responsive, interactive seat plan.

Customers are able to see the seat plan when buying tickets and choose exactly which seats they'd like, whether on desktop, tablet or mobile. We've also completely redesigned the box office so you can quickly and easily sell tickets by simply clicking on the seat(s) the customer would like. Or click on an existing sale to see the details of a sale, make changes or to check them in. If you'd prefer, you can easily switch tabs back and forth between seat plan view list view.

Allocated seating can still have the same powerful pricing options as unallocated seating - each seat can have different pricing options and the seating plan is automatically colour coded so that customers can understand what price range each seat is available at.

If you'd like to set up an event with allocated seating, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll even draw a beautiful seating plan for you.

Responsive box office

By: Oscar Wyatt

On: Thursday, 1 Mar 4:22pm

Emily and Oscar, Tickets Ignite's co-founders, are quite different people. Oscar, resident geek, loves data and spending time in the office looking at it while muttering 'that's interesting' to himself. Emily, on the other hand, is a bit more outgoing and is always either in or between meetings.

Separately, we noticed something that led to this post. Oscar saw that over half of our visitors use mobile devices while Emily saw that she wasn't alone in needing to do things 'on the go' and that producers and event organisers are constantly fitting things in while waiting for a train or a lift.

So, while revamping the box office to allow events to be sold via seat plans, we took the opportunity to completely redesign and rework the box office and event creating and editing pages.

You're now able to make changes to your event, such as adding performances and amending ticket prices from any device. You're also able to sell tickets, make reservations, issue refunds and check availability quickly and easily from anywhere, on anything, at any time.

Any feedback on the website? Let us know by contacting [email protected]

Sales Report Revamp

By: Oscar Wyatt

On: Monday, 27 Nov 12:45pm

One thing we realised early in our user testing is that although having lots of data to trawl through in a sales report is important, most people don’t want to see all of it most of the time. In fact, we found that users were consistently looking at ‘headline figures’ such as how sales were going overall, or just for tonight’s performance. We also found a few people saying they just don’t have time to look through all the figures and that being able to get a quick overview of how it was selling and which performances were selling well would be really useful.

So, we revamped our PDF sales reports - now the first two pages include all the things we found that people want to see most of the time. We also made fancy, colourful pie charts and bar charts so that you can quickly and easily see how sales are going, the breakdown of how ticket types are selling as well as how sales are for every performance. For those that need it, the rest is all still there, just a little further down, with some added page breaks to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Pie charts showing how well the event has sold

We hope they prove useful, let us know if you have any thoughts or comments!

Tech stuff: Getting the graphs to render properly was an interesting challenge. The graphs are created with the incredible Chart.js and rendered with WickedPdf on a separate Sidekiq worker. After a bit of tinkering, the trick turned out to be setting a javascript_delay of 500ms when rendering the page so that Chart.js gets a chance to create the graphs before the page is rendered.

Bar chart showing how well each performance has sold


By: Emily Thommes and Oscar Wyatt

On: Monday, 27 Nov 12:44pm

Welcome! This is the Tickets Ignite blog. We want to keep everyone up to date with what we’ve been up to, what we’re planning, how we’re updating and improving the platform and how we’re funding new work.